Registration Overview

Welcome back again! We’re extremely pleased you’re interested in registering for the 2022 All British Car and Cycle Show and have made it to the registration page. Online registration is now closed. You can, however, still register on the day of the show at the show site.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in all classes.

Best of Show
This is an opportunity to vote, by all registered participants, on the car deemed the best on the field. How you personally determine “best” is entirely up to you. Maybe its a back story on the car or motorcycle, something that’s being restored, or the one with the biggest shine and most “bling”. The choice is yours.

Chairman’s Choice
This isn’t really a class but the Chair of the St. Louis MG Club will pick a best car on the field from their perspective. This may be something unique or rare or a very fine example of a particular marque. You can check the “Prior Years” menu link for pictures of previous winners. For Chairman’s Choice we have a special trophy.

Day of Show Registration

If you would like to register at the show, on the day of the show please bring a completed registration form using the attached PDF Registration Packet link or the image below. Having this filled out before you arrive will same time. Please plan to pay by cash or check as card payments can’t be taken on site.

2022 Registration Cover Image

2022 Classes

These classes are preliminary. The All British Car Show Registrar reserves the right to combine, expand, split or eliminate classes based on EARLY REGISTRATION (which closed on August 22, 2022). If there are fewer than three (3) cars registered by the early registration deadline, the cars MAY be combined with another class.

A - Austin Healey 100 & 3000S - MGB Cr. Bump. (70 - 74)
B - Jaguar Saloon (1971 and older)T - MGB Rub. Bump. (74.5 - 78)
C - Jaguar Saloon (1972 and later)U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)
D -Jaguar XJS (all years)V - MGB & MGC GT
E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)W - Morgan
F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)X - Rolls Royce/Bentley
G - Jensen, Jensen-HealeyY - Sunbeam
H - Land RoverZ - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR5
I - LotusAA - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)
J- Mini ClassicBB - Triumph TR6 late (74 - 76)
K - Mini ModernCC - Triumph TR7
L - Austin Healey Bugeye SpriteDD - Triumph TR8
M - MG Midget/AH Sprite Cr. Bump.EE - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)
N - MG Midget Rub. Bump.FF - V6/V8 Conversions & Brit. Kit Cars
O - MG T seriesGG - Other British Sports Cars
P - MGA 1500HH - Other British Saloons
Q - MGA 1600II - Pre-war British
R - MGB & MGC Cr. Bump. (62 - 69)JJ - British Motorcycles