Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: Is my car good enough to show? I don’t know whether to enter.
A: Of course! This show is about all British Cars and Cycles and anyone is welcome to enter the show. If it runs, or even if it doesn’t, bring it along and join in.

Q: Is this only open to club members?
A: No, this event is open to anyone owning a British Car or Cycle.

Q: Does it cost anything to come and look at the show?
A: No it doesn’t. Visitors and viewers are welcome to enjoy this fantastic display of British Cars and Cycles. Only those entering a car or cycle for the show need pay a registration fee.

Q: What is there to do in and around the show area?
A: Westport is a suburb of St. Louis MO with a good selection of restaurants, bars and hotels.
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Q: Is there more information about the park in which the show will take place?
A: Yes indeed, Creve Coeur Lake Park Info can be found by Clicking Here.