Visitor Info

Well this may be a St. Louis event but we certainly love to have people join us from out of town! People come to the event from places like Wichita, Kansas City, Memphis, Des Moines, Blytheville, Louisville etc. and so this information may be useful to anyone planning to join us this year, whether you’re a regular or whether this is your first time to St. Louis.

St. Louis actually has quite a few tourist gems and you’ll find that a surprising number of them are free. So the information and links below may help to point you in the right direction and help you plan a great weekend trip in conjunction with a great All British Car Show.

To get you started click this link for 25 things to do in St. Louis. If you want to make a quick virtual tour click this link to have a photo tour of St. Louis. Then take a look at the rest of the information we have provided below!

St. Louis Downtown

Other Useful web sites for St. Louis’ downtown area:

Westport – Host Hotel & Show Area
This is the area where our host hotel and lots of other hotel options are available for all tastes and budgets.Useful web sites include:

The actual car show event takes places in beautiful Creve Coeur Lake Park. For information about the park itself and the facilities and things to do please Click Here

Other Interesting Areas
There really are some interesting areas and suburbs of St. Louis. Here we have provided some more links to help you with your planning and to learn more about what’s available: