2018 Show

A summary of our 2018 event and sponsors.


Advance Auto Parts – 15250 Manchester Road Store
All British Car Repair
Apple Hydraulics
AutoZone – 15835 Manchester Rd
Handy Automotive – Dorsett Road
Hagerty Insurance
It’s Alive Automotive
JJ’s Restaurant
Metro Molded Parts
Moss Motors
NAPA Auto Parts – 15438 Manchester Rd
Olive Fee Fee Autocare
O’Reily Auto Parts -15360 Manchester Rd
Past & Present Automotive – Old Hwy 94 St. Charles
Rock Auto
Todd’s Machine Shop
Victoria British

Drone Video taken by Amy Wetterlin

2018 Show Info, Pictures & Results

We had a very good turn out for the 2018 show and the weather was cool and cloudy to starts but we got sunshine by noon and lovely cool temperatures for the 1st day of Fall/Autumn. Below are images of all cars on the show field at the time we ran around with a camera (about 11am to 12 noon) – sorry if we missed you.

Please click on any image to view a larger image and you can scroll through the enlarged images as well.

If you want the list of results/awards please scroll down or click here to jump directly to the results details.


2018 ABCS Results

Class A - AUSTIN-HEALEY 100 & 3000125PaulSummers64Austin Healey3000 BJ8Conv.
Class A - AUSTIN-HEALEY 100 & 3000247SimonGriffin54Austin Healey100Conv.
Class A - AUSTIN-HEALEY 100 & 30003135StevenGissy67Austin HealeyBJ 8 3000Conv.
Class B - JAGUAR SALOONS (1971 AND OLDER)151PhilipTaxman39Jaguar2 1/2 L SSSaloon
Class B - JAGUAR SALOONS (1971 AND OLDER)297ArtBuechler71JaguarXJ6Saloon
Class B - JAGUAR SALOONS (1971 AND OLDER)385AllanEllis67Jaguar420Saloon
Class C - JAGUAR SALOONS (1972 AND LATER)1106ChuckRenner75JaguarXJ6CSaloon
Class C - JAGUAR SALOONS (1972 AND LATER)2146JohnTestrake74JaguarXJ12LSaloon
Class C - JAGUAR SALOONS (1972 AND LATER)3105ThomasDozier06JaguarS type RSaloon
Class E - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (THRU XKE)1132JimHendrix59JaguarXK150S
Class E - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (THRU XKE)289DavidHauman70JaguarE- type S-2
Class E - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (THRU XKE)39MatthewJohnson69JaguarE-type FHCConv.
Class F - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (POST XKE)137JohnSippel11JaguarXKRConv.
Class F - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (POST XKE)243MarkGreenspahn17JaguarF-Type SVR
Class F - JAGUAR SPORTS CARS (POST XKE)3179TomCaldwell97JaguarXK8Conv.
Class G - JENSEN - HEALEY119StuartMcGhee74JensenHealey Mk IIConv.
Class G - JENSEN - HEALEY2172JaneRauth73JensenHealey Mk IIConv.
Class G - JENSEN - HEALEY3152JeremyMau74JensenHealey Mk IIConv.
Class H - LAND ROVER (ALL "Series" TYPES)1147GaryPayne79Land RoverS III SantanaSaloon
Class H - LAND ROVER (ALL "Series" TYPES)275DerekLeath71Land RoverSeries lla 88Saloon
Class H - LAND ROVER (ALL "Series" TYPES)3157KevinCarney73Land RoverS IIISaloon
Class I - LAND ROVER (all others)1156MichaelGross92Land RoverRange RoverSaloon
Class I - LAND ROVER (all others)2175RichardSchneider89Land Rover110Saloon
Class K - LOTUS - ELISE, EXIGE, EVORA1151SeverinBlenkush10LotusExigeCoupe
Class L - MINI CLASSIC198GregWieberg72Mini1000Hatch
Class L - MINI CLASSIC2168DonRuder63Austin MiniPick up
Class L - MINI CLASSIC3160BobHardie73MiniHatch
Class M - MINI MODERN1164DebeeAlex19Mini CooperCountrymanHatch
Class M - MINI MODERN249TracyBehrle18Mini CooperCtry All4 JCWHatch
Class M - MINI MODERN360BarryHammond11Mini CooperS typeHatch
Class N- AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE138BillHardie61Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class N- AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE2118BruceHamper59Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class N- AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE3145KrisLoewe66Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class O - MG MIDGET CHROME BUMP.17BrandonBaquet71MGMidgetConv.
Class P - MG MIDGET RUBBER BUMPER1119AllenDecker76MGMidgetConv.
Class Q - MG T - SERIES110RaymondMoot49MGTCConv.
Class Q - MG T - SERIES295FelixFrye55MGTF1500Conv.
Class Q - MG T - SERIES3 Tie46ScottSpooner54MGTFConv.
Class Q - MG T - SERIES3 Tie57LeonardDressel53MGTDConv.
Class R - MGA - 150016JeffAllen59MGAConv.
Class R - MGA - 1500234RichardGriffin56MGA 1500Conv.
Class R - MGA - 150032GlennOwens58MGA 1500Conv.
Class S - MGA - 16001126TomBerry60MGA1600Coupe
Class S - MGA - 1600232PaulEpperson60MGA 1600Conv.
Class S - MGA - 16003134ChristopherSloan60MGA 1600Conv.
Class T - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('62 -'71)173BobStrathman62MGBConv.
Class T - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('62 -'71)2137DennisKelley69MGBConv.
Class T - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('62 -'71)366JohnMangles67MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('72 - '74.5)144RogerDouglas73MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('72 - '74.5)2169BobBridges74MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC CHROME BUMP. ('72 - '74.5)3120MarcusTetzlaff72MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC RUBBER BUMP. ('74.5 - '78)1155TomCrause78MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC RUBBER BUMP. ('74.5 - '78)250JamesVivian77MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC RUBBER BUMP. ('74.5 - '78)355SteveCross76MGBConv.
Class W - MGB RUBBER BUMP. ('79 - '80)13MartinHanley79MGBConv.
Class W - MGB RUBBER BUMP. ('79 - '80)248JamesRoth79MGBConv.
Class W - MGB RUBBER BUMP. ('79 - '80)3174SteveBollinger80MGBConv.
Class X - MGB/C GT128AndrewAckerman71MGB-GTCoupe
Class X - MGB/C GT2133DavidGardner73MGB-GTCoupe
Class X - MGB/C GT3131RickMills73MGB-GTCoupe
Class Y - MORGAN1127DonaldOstmann55MorganPlus 4Conv.
Class Y - MORGAN216MichaelPoropat63MorganDrop HeadCoupe
Class Y - MORGAN3154MarielaWilliams66MorganGTConv.
Class Z - ROLLS ROYCE/BENTLEY1166JimKonersman64Rolls RoyceSilver CloudSaloon
Class Z - ROLLS ROYCE/BENTLEY2125DavidBentley60BentleyS2Saloon
Class AA - SUNBEAM180ByronGolfin67SunbeamTiger Mk IIConv.
Class AA - SUNBEAM292BillFischer67SunbeamTigerConv.
Class AA - SUNBEAM3112StevenHurd57HillmanMinxSaloon
Class BB - TRIUMPH TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR5145JamesNowicke62TriumphTR3BConv.
Class BB - TRIUMPH TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR62108DaveMassey53TriumphTR3Conv.
Class BB - TRIUMPH TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR7382JamesSpears68TriumphTR250Conv.
Class CC - TRIUMPH TR6 EARLY ('69 - '73)1159KevinBlume72TriumphTR6Conv.
Class CC - TRIUMPH TR6 EARLY ('69 - '73)24LeeFox73TriumphTR6Conv.
Class CC - TRIUMPH TR6 EARLY ('69 - '73)3109DaveMassey71TriumphTR6Conv.
Class DD - TRIUMPH TR6 LATE (74 - 76)1117KevinBlume76TriumphTR6Conv.
Class DD - TRIUMPH TR6 LATE (74 - 76)2110StephenPaur76TriumphTR6Conv.
Class EE - TRIUMPH TR7177SteveRichardson76TriumphTR7Conv.
Class EE - TRIUMPH TR7221Jesse H.Lowe80TriumphTR7Conv.
Class FF - TRIUMPH TR8139BobCarmody78TriumphTR8Conv.
Class FF - TRIUMPH TR8226MarkMorgan80TriumphTR8Conv.
Class GG - TRIUMPH SPITFIRE/GT6 (ALL YEARS)1143AndyStark79TriumphSpitfireConv.
Class GG - TRIUMPH SPITFIRE/GT6 (ALL YEARS)218JeffWeintrop72TriumphSpitfire Mk IVConv.
Class GG - TRIUMPH SPITFIRE/GT6 (ALL YEARS)394JohnLamberg79TriumphSpitfire 6Conv.
Class HH - V6/V8 CONVERSIONS142DevinDavis73MGBConv.
Class HH - V6/V8 CONVERSIONS290JonathanCook69TriumphGT6Coupe
Class HH - V6/V8 CONVERSIONS359RichardBerger70MGB-GTCoupe
Class II - OTHER BRITISH SPORTS CARS183JaySeigel81DeloreanDMC 12Hatch
Class II - OTHER BRITISH SPORTS CARS2176MelissaGlauber09Aston MartinVantage V8Coupe
Class JJ - OTHER BRITISH SALOONS191EdwardPolonus57MGZB MagnetteSaloon
Class JJ - OTHER BRITISH SALOONS223D. JerryLeigh59Morris Minor1000Pick Up Truck
Class JJ - OTHER BRITISH SALOONS3161TerrySwope60Morris MinorPick Up Truck
Class KK - BRITISH MOTORCYCLES (TRIUMPH, NORTON, BSA, ETC.)1123BobBentzinger67TriumphBonnevilleM'cycle
Class KK - BRITISH MOTORCYCLES (TRIUMPH, NORTON, BSA, ETC.)2177JohnWebbiling73NortonCommandoM'cycle
Class KK - BRITISH MOTORCYCLES (TRIUMPH, NORTON, BSA, ETC.)329StevenHurst68BSA441 Victor Spl.M'cycle
BEST OF SHOWZ166JimKonersman64Rolls RoyceSilver CloudSaloon
57MGZB MagnetteSaloon
2018 ABCS Results