2019 Show

A summary of our 2019 event and sponsors.


Advance Auto Parts – Ballwin, MO
Advance Auto Parts – Dorsset Rd
All British Car Repair
Apple Hydraulics
Autos of Europe
AutoZone – Ellisville, MO
Car Guy Garage, Inc
Eaton Detroit Spring
Gold Eagle
Hagerty Insurance
Handy Automotive – Dorsett Rd
Joe’s Garage – Ellisville MO
Little British Car Co
Moss Motors
NAPA Auto Parts – Ellisville, MO
Olive Fee Fee Auto Care
O’Reilly Auto Parts – Ballwin, MO
Rock Auto
St. Louis Car Museum
Turtle Wax Inc
Victoria British
White Post Restorations

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Fashion Police – New for 2019

FashionPolice2019In an effort to mimic other successful car shows such as Goodwood Revival we, in the MG Club propose that you attend this years All British Car Show in period dress. You can costume yourself as the same year as your car or pick an earlier period. Dress as either an American or as a Brit. Awards will be given and judging will be done by volunteer “Fashion Police”.

You may ask to be judged at the show. So, dig out your oldest clothes, grab that jumper, adjust those braces, change your hair to match the year of your car, and dress for the occasion. As an idea starter see the image we have shared here.

2019 Show Info, Pictures & Results

We had a good turn out for the 2019 show, and an amazing showing of Jensen marque cars. The weather was cloudy and cool and with 2-3 brief spells of sprinkles we had a few no shows and a lower than usual number of day of show registrations which is a shame because the sprinkles really were nothing to be bothered about. Below are images of all cars on the show field at the time we ran around with a camera – sorry if we missed you.

Please click on any image to view a larger image and you can scroll through the enlarged images as well.

If you want the list of results/awards please scroll down or click here to jump directly to the results details.


2019 ABCCS Results

ClassPlaceCar #First NameSecond NameYearMarqueModelBody Sty.
Class A - Austin Healey131SimonGriffin54Austin Healey100Conv.
Class B - Jaguar Saloons (1971 and older)150ArtBuechler71JaguarXJ6Saloon
Class B - Jaguar Saloons (1971 and older)2117MatthewJohnson61JaguarMk 2Saloon
Class C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)13JohnTestrake74JaguarXJ12LSaloon
Class C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)276CharlesRenner75JaguarXJ6CSaloon
Class C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)34ThomasDozier6JaguarS Type RSaloon
Class D - Jaguar XJS (all years)135ThomasLoew92JaguarXJSSaloon
Class D - Jaguar XJS (all years)2126NigelKeen94JaguarXJSSaloon
Class E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)1146KenMcDade68JaguarE-Type
Class E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)291PhillipTaxman?JaguarXKE
Class E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)370JamesAtkinson70JaguarE-Type
Class F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)1102MichaelStieren12JaguarXKR-S
Class F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)265JohnSippel11JaguarXKR
Class F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)353Gary & DianaSchueter3JaguarXK8
Class H - Land Rover (all series types)
Class I - Land Rover (all others)192DerekLeath71Land RoverSeries IIa 88Saloon
Class I - Land Rover (all others)258MichaelGross92Land RoverRange RoverSaloon
Class I - Land Rover (all others)3135GaryPayne98Land RoverDiscoverySaloon
Class J - Lotus -Classic 7, 11, Elan, Esprit1148BillieMaupin5Lotus11
Class K - Lotus - Elise, Exige, Evora140WesleyBarger7LotusElise
Class L - Mini Classic1147DonRuder67MiniMokeConv.
Class M - Mini Modern188VivianSelby6MiniCooper SConv.
Class M - Mini Modern273DebeeAlex19MiniCountrymanCoupe
Class M - Mini Modern393BarryHammond11MiniHardtop SCoupe
Class N - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite17MichaelGibson59Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class N - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite271BruceHamper59Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class N - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite347BillHardie61Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class O - MG Midget Chrome Bump.180AllenDecker70MGMidgetConv.
Class O - MG Midget Chrome Bump.2138TomCrause66MGMidgetConv.
Class O - MG Midget Chrome Bump.339KennethLevin69Austin HealeySpriteConv.
Class P - MG Midget Rubber Bump.183GryfonKetcherside78MGMidgetConv.
Class P - MG Midget Rubber Bump.2118AllenDecker76MGMidgetConv.
Class P - MG Midget Rubber Bump.3140DavidAverbeck77MGMidgetConv.
Class Q - MG T-Series110RaymondMoot49MGTCConv.
Class Q - MG T-Series220PaulSummers49MGTCConv.
Class Q - MG T-Series322LeonardDressel53MGTDConv.
Class R - MGA 1500111JeffAllen59MGA1500Conv.
Class R - MGA 1500233RichBerger58MGA1500Conv.
Class R - MGA 1500326GlennOwens57MGA1500Conv.
Class S - MGA 160019ThomasBerry60MGA1600Conv.
Class S - MGA 1600218RobertGuiness60MGA1600Conv.
Class S - MGA 1600345GregoryDeppe60MGA1600Conv.
Class T - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump. (62 - 71)130ChrisBrinkman71MGBConv.
Class T - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump. (62 - 71)236CharlesDemick66MGBConv.
Class T - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump. (62 - 71)332StanleyWagner70MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump (72 - 74.5)1144BobBridges74MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump (72 - 74.5)238RogerDouglas73MGBConv.
Class U - MGB & MGC Chrome Bump (72 - 74.5)3124MarcusTetzlaff72MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC Rubber Bump (74.5 - 78)148SteveCross76MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC Rubber Bump (74.5 - 78)255TomBrydon77MGBConv.
Class V - MGB & MGC Rubber Bump (74.5 - 78)337JamesVivian77MGBConv.
Class W - MGB Rubber Bump (79 - 80)162PaulGerken79MGBConv.
Class W - MGB Rubber Bump (79 - 80)22LeeFox79MGBConv.
Class W - MGB Rubber Bump (79 - 80)264JamesRoth79MGBConv.
Class W - MGB Rubber Bump (79 - 80)284AlanKleinschmidt80MGBConv.
Class X - MGB/C GT119AndrewAckerman71MGB-GTCoupe
Class X - MGB/C GT297DavidGardner73MGB-GTCoupe
Class X - MGB/C GT382BenjaminSommerhauser67MGB-GTCoupe
Class Y - Morgan1119MichaelPoropat68MorganPlus 4Conv.
Class Y - Morgan263JackBrenner52MorganPlus 4Conv.
Class Y - Morgan385MichaelPoropat63Morgan+4 drop headCoupe
Class Z - Rolls Royce/Bentley1103JamesHartig86Rolls RoyceCorniche IISaloon
Class AA - Sunbeam196GolfinByron67SunbeamTiger Mk IIConv.
Class AA - Sunbeam2120JohnSelby67SunbeamAlpine SVConv.
Class AA - Sunbeam368GarySchutte66SunbeamTiger Mk 1AConv.
Class BB - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR5143ChristopherKresser55TriumphTR3Conv.
Class BB - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR5281LarryTaylor60TriumphTR3Conv.
Class BB - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR5366DaveMassey57TriumphTR3Conv.
Class CC - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)1121LeeFox73TriumphTR6Conv.
Class CC - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)2112DaveMassey71TriumphTR6Conv.
Class CC - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)312DavidYannayon71TriumphTR6Conv.
Class DD - Triumph TR6 late (74 -76)154KevinBlume76TriumphTR6Conv.
Class DD - Triumph TR6 late (74 -76)267KurtGoebel74TriumphTR6Conv.
Class DD - Triumph TR6 late (74 -76)3143MarkMarshall76TriumphTR6Conv.
Class EE - Triumph TR7115SteveRichardson76TriumphTR7Coupe
Class EE - Triumph TR7224JesseLowe80TriumphTR7Conv.
Class FF - Triumph TR81109MarkMorgan80TriumphTR8Conv.
Class FF - Triumph TR82134CraigLeinicke76TriumphTR8Conv.
Class GG - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)1131JohnLamberg77TriumphSpitfire 6Conv.
Class HH - V6/V8 Conversions1115JohnMangles58MGAConv.
Class HH - V6/V8 Conversions26JonathanCook69TriumphGT6Coupe
Class HH - V6/V8 Conversions229DevinDavis73MGBConv.
Class II - Other British Sports Cars1136RichardSchneider37Riley15/6Speedster
Class II - Other British Sports Cars2137RichardSchneider30RileySpeed 6Speedster
Class II - Other British Sports Cars356JohnFrecks61Lotus7(replica)Conv.
Class II - Other British Sports Cars3153MelissaGlauber09Aston MartinVantageCoupe
Class JJ - Other British Saloons179TerrySwope60Morris MinorPickup
Class JJ - Other British Saloons213JohnPerkins56MGZA MagnetteSaloon
Class KK - British Motorcycles168SteveHurst68BSA441 Victor Spl.M'cycle
Class KK - British Motorcycles2122MichaelStieren75TriumphT160 TridentM'cycle
Class KK - British Motorcycles2123MichaelStieren04TriumphBonnevilleM'cycle
Class KK - British Motorcycles3152MikeFrench72NortonCommandoM'cycle
Best of Show3JohnTestrake74JaguarX12LSaloon
Chairman's ChoiceNAKirsten & MikeHigashikawa57Jensen541 DeluxeCoupe
2019 ABCCS Results