2022 Show

A summary of our 2022 event and sponsors.


Autos of Europe – Manchester, MO
AutoZone – Ellisville, MO
EATON Detroit Spring, Inc
Its Alive Automotive
JC Taylor Insurance
Little British Car Co
Moss Motors
NAPA Auto Parts – Ellisville, MO
O’Reilly Auto Parts РEllisville, MO
Past and Present Auto
Rock Auto
Roy’s Auto Repair Manchester MO
Sara Spotansky State Farm Insurance

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2022 Show Info, Pictures & Results

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ClassPlaceCar NumberOwnerYearMarqueModelBody Style
Chairman's Choice15Thomas Berry60MGACoupe
Best of ShowTie18Patty Williams71TriumphTR6Conv
Best of ShowTie84Nick Pollard76MGBGT V8 (Factory)Coupe
A - Austin Healey1st28Paul Summers64Austin HealeyBJ8Conv.
A - Austin Healey2nd75Simon Griffin54Austin Healey100Conv.
A - Austin Healey3nd91Paul Michael66Austin Healey3000Conv.
B - Jaguar Saloons (1971 and older)1st31Robert Duddy60JaguarMark 2Saloon
B - Jaguar Saloons (1971 and older)2nd121David Gold63JaguarMKIISaloon
C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)1st22Chuck Renner75JaguarXJ6CSaloon
C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)2nd123Linda Buechler04JaguarXJ8Saloon
C - Jaguar Saloons (1972 and later)3nd129Thomas Dozier06JaguarS Type RSaloon
E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)1st151Jim& Lisa Hendrix59Jaguar150 S?
E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)2nd99John Testrake67JaguarE typeConv.
E - Jaguar Sports Cars (thru XKE)3rd109Ben Park62JaguarXKE FHD LHDConv.
F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)1st26John Lawson16JaguarF Type R?
F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)2nd51Michael Stieren12JaguarXKR-S?
F - Jaguar Sports Cars (post XKE)3rd104Gary & Diana Schlueter03JaguarXK8?
G - Jensen Healey1st89Jeremy Mau73JensenHealeyConv.
G - Jensen Healey2nd154Jane Rauth73Jensen Healey?Conv.
G - Jensen Healey3rd140Steven Hurd74Jensen HealeyJensen HealeyConv.
H - Land Rover1st110Chuck Renner86Land Rover90Saloon
H - Land Rover2nd64Jason Miltenberger69Land RoverSeries 2aConv.
H - Land Rover3rd95Derek Leath94Land RoverDefender 90 200 tdi?
I - Lotus1st161Jim Bellon74LotusEuropa SpecialCoupe
I - Lotus2nd134Carl Peper90LotusElan M100Conv.
J- Mini Classic1st80Brian Davis73AustinMiniCoupe
J- Mini Classic2nd111Jonathan Cook94RoverMini 35Saloon
K - Mini Modern1st136Debee Alex19Mini CooperCountrymanCoupe
K - Mini Modern2nd82Barry Lacy12MiniCooper Conv.Conv.
K - Mini Modern3rd163Carol Brown13MiniCooper s?
L - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite1st33Steve Saulich60Austin HealeyBugeye SpriteConv.
L - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite2nd137Eric Mitchell60Austin HealeyMK 1 SpriteConv.
L - Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite3rd141Harden Ervin61Austin HealeyBugeye SpriteConv.
M - MG Midget/AH Sprite Cr. Bump.1st92Christopher Brammeier70MGMidgetConv.
M - MG Midget/AH Sprite Cr. Bump.2nd42Allen Decker70MGMidgetConv.
M - MG Midget/AH Sprite Cr. Bump.3rd40Travis Stieg69Austin HealeySpriteConv.
N - MG Midget Rub. Bump.1st56Gryf Ketcherside78MGMidgetConv.
N - MG Midget Rub. Bump.2nd114Allen Decker76MGMidgetConv.
O - MG T series1st tie76Ray Moot49MGTCConv.
O - MG T series1st tie38Howard Soll54MGTFConv.
O - MG T series2nd63James David54MGTFConv.
O - MG T series3rd158Noel Steinmann52MGTDConv.
P - MGA 15001st127Rick Griffin56MGA1500Conv.
P - MGA 15002nd7Brandon Cozzens59MGA1500Conv.
P - MGA 15003rd159John May58MGA1500Conv.
Q - MGA 16001st15Thomas Berry60MGA 1600Coupe
Q - MGA 16002nd49Jerry Leigh60MGA1600Conv.
Q - MGA 16003rd62Gregory Deppe60MGA1600Conv.
R - MGB & MGC Cr. Bump. (62 - 69)1st131David Dobbins69MGCConv.
R - MGB & MGC Cr. Bump. (62 - 69)2nd10Larry Thompson69MGBConv.
R - MGB & MGC Cr. Bump. (62 - 69)3rd57Bob Strathman62MGBConv.
S - MGB Cr. Bump. (70 - 74)1st6Chris Brinkman71MGBConv.
S - MGB Cr. Bump. (70 - 74)2nd16Roger Douglas73MGBConv.
S - MGB Cr. Bump. (70 - 74)3rd tie103Gerard Beasley72MGBConv.
S - MGB Cr. Bump. (70 - 74)3rd tie24Anna Provin74MGBConv.
T - MGB Rub. Bump. (74.5 - 78)1st71Tom Parmeter77MGBConv.
T - MGB Rub. Bump. (74.5 - 78)2nd11Stephen Cross76MGBConv.
T - MGB Rub. Bump. (74.5 - 78)3rd8Rob Pittell77MGBConv.
U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)1st147Harold Downey79MGBConv.
U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)2nd tie115Lee Fox79MGBConv.
U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)2nd tie65Paul Gerken79MGBConv.
U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)2nd tie20James Roth79MGBConv.
U - MGB Rub. Bump. (79 - 80)3rd87Matthew Byrne79MGBConv.
V - MGB & MGC GT1st84Nick Pollard76MGB-GTV8Coupe
V - MGB & MGC GT2nd27Benjamin Sommerhauser67MGBConv.
V - MGB & MGC GT3rd14Mills Rick & Monica73MGB-GTCoupe
W - Morgan1st105Donald Ostmann55MorganPlus 4Conv.
W - Morgan2nd34Michael Poropat68MorganDrop headCoupe
W - Morgan3rd113Michael Poropat68MorganRoadsterConv.
Y - Sunbeam1st108Paul Kanyuck69SunbeamTigerConv.
Y - Sunbeam2nd2Ranney Dohogne66SunbeamTigerConv.
Y - Sunbeam3rd66Bill Fischer67SunbeamTigerConv.
Z - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR51st41Christopher Kresser59TriumphTR3Conv.
Z - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR52nd119Steven Moore59TriumphTR-3AConv.
Z - Triumph TR2/TR3/TR4/TR250/TR53rd117David Massey57TriumphTR3Conv.
AA - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)1st45Steven Strauss73TriumphTR6Conv.
AA - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)2nd44Lee Fox73TriumphTR6Conv.
AA - Triumph TR6 early (69 - 73)3nd79Stephen Moore71TriumphTR6Conv.
BB - Triumph TR6 late (74 - 76)1st39Kevin Blume76TriumphTR6Conv.
BB - Triumph TR6 late (74 - 76)2nd142Jim Dooley74TriumphTR6Conv.
BB - Triumph TR6 late (74 - 76)3nd153Creig Houghtaling74TriumphTR6Conv.
CC - Triumph TR71st9Danny Goodrum80TriumphTR7 DHCConv.
CC - Triumph TR72nd17Michael Bakalor77TriumphTR7Conv.
CC - Triumph TR73rd tie125Ed Collins80TriumphTR7Conv.
CC - Triumph TR73rd tie94Steve Richardson76TriumphTR7Conv.
DD - Triumph TR81st72David Massey80TriumphTR8Conv.
DD - Triumph TR82nd101Mark Morgan80TriumphTR8Conv.
EE - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)1st157Steve Street76TriumphSpitfire 1500Conv.
EE - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)2nd81Jeff Weintrop72TriumphSpitfire Mark IVConv.
EE - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)3rd tie166Justin Dake
EE - Triumph Spitfire/GT6 (all years)3rd tie135Tim Jacot79TriumphSpitfireConv.
FF - V6/V8 Conversions & Brit. Kit Cars1st18Patty Williams71TriumphTR6Conv.
FF - V6/V8 Conversions & Brit. Kit Cars2nd23Jonathan Cook69TriumphGT6Coupe
FF - V6/V8 Conversions & Brit. Kit Cars3rd53Richard Berger70MGB-GTCoupe
GG - Other British Sports Cars1st90Mark Mandelbaum23Aston MartinVantage?
GG - Other British Sports Cars2nd132Daniel Burback09Aston MartinVantage?
GG - Other British Sports Cars3rd138Todd Reid07Aston MartinV8 Vantage?
HH - Other British Saloon1st88Randy Trone66TriumphVitesse 6Saloon
HH - Other British Saloon2nd tie143Douglas Carnett59MorrisMinor 1000Saloon
HH - Other British Saloon2nd tie85Edward Polonus57MGZB MagnetteSaloon
HH - Other British Saloon3rd tie97Terry Swope60SingerGazelleSaloon
HH - Other British Saloon3rd tie47John Perkins56MGZA MagnetteSaloon
JJ - British Motorcycles1st118Robert Bentzinger49BSAB33Cycle
JJ - British Motorcycles2nd73Steven Hurst03Royal EnfieldBullet 500cc esCycle
JJ - British Motorcycles3rd124Don Schoedel70TriumphBonneville T120rCycle